There is no denying that at some stage of your child’s life they will either work for a business, buy from a business or even create their own business. Just this fact alone highlights the importance of learning essential fundamental business skills from a young age. Currently business is not a mandatory core subject offered in the primary school curriculum. A subject that not only has the potential to teach young minds financial literacy and managerial skills but also enhance their interpersonal skills which will enhance employability in their futures. We believe this is a missed opportunity in our schooling system and currently disadvantaging the futures of our children by not providing them with a foundation that is so relevant to their lives in our economic society. This article aims to address the five reasons Fiftysix Creations believes why teaching kids business is so important.

Flearning Failing + Learning

Failing while learning is a concept we believe so passionately about at Fiftysix Creations. We encourage children to be inquisitive and make mistakes while learning so that they can grow from these mistakes in the future. Business is a trial and error process where making mistakes is inevitable. Exposing children to this process at a young age allows celebration of mistakes, encouraging them to learn and be better next time.  

Team Building

Collaboration in an educational format is not truly introduced effectively until higher education where students are required to take part in group assignments. Working in a collaborative setting allows for the growth of communication and empathy skills. Being able to communicate ideas and understand others is a huge part of business and allows for the opportunity to build strong foundation networks for the future. These interpersonal skills are nurtured at Fiftysix Creations and we encourage all our students to be involved with the team building experience we offer and find that this way of learning is effective in empowering students to communicate with their peers.


Creativity is a skill that many people take for granted and feel is a trait that only some can acquire successfully. This is not necessarily the case.  Inspiring children to be bold and brave at a young age can nurture a feeling of confidence into their futures. The ideas of the future will require innovative thinking and creativity to solve new and evolving world issues.  Encouraging children to think outside the norm is where we find some of the best idea generation to happen. This encouragement can help children experiment further and allows for them to build confidence to believe in their ideas.   

 Financial literacy

At some stage of your child’s life they will take part in the financial cycle by either making a purchase from a business or become business provider to the consumer. Because of this financial literacy is a relevant skill that is important for our children’s futures. Understanding how to make smart financial decisions is important in ensuring your child understands the importance and significance money as well as having the confidence to smartly manage their own finance.

Public Speaking

Being confident with expressing ideas publicly is a great skill to acquire at a young age. Having the confidence to speak freely in a public setting is a great trait that expresses employability. When it comes to speaking in Business, being able to have confidence to talk about yourself and your ideas is away to network and communicate efficiently. At Fiftysix Creations we encourage all our students to experiment with public speaking skills and encourage and reward the confidence for taking a chance with this sometimes-unnatural skills.

In conclusion, these five skills have great impact on your child’s future and the limited exposure your child has to these skills now could inhibit their ability in the future. This is why we at Fiftysix Creations have developed Business Camp. A school holiday workshop that looks at encouraging your child to experiment with these skills and provide and introductory understanding to the importance of teaching kids business at a young age.

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