The Launch of Business Camp in Brisbane

By on April 16, 2018

What do The Safe Haven Café, The Superior Posterior, The Refs Ball and Super Suits all have in common?

They were all created at Business Camp which launched in September 2017. The Business Camp was a huge success with the students getting to showcase their business ideas to Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter and the WBO World Welterweight Champion, Jeff Horn. Not only did the students learn about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship but they made long lasting friendships which will flourish for years to come and maybe even provide great networking opportunities in the future. We are excited to share with you the key events of this successful three-day workshop.

What did the students do?

On Day One of Business Camp, the students brainstormed 100+ social change ideas that would eventually become the foundations for their business ideas they would pitch at the Fiftysix Creations Kidpreneur Pitch Night. Day Two and Three of Business Camp saw the students utilise their time management, group communication, and participation skills to create stellar pitch presentations for their business ideas. They learnt about the importance of communication skills in the workforce and how they too, can play an active role in shaping the innovation ecosystem.

With the help of the Fiftysix Creations Classroom Coaches, the students were guided to explore the fundamental skills of business as well as the financial literacy that is needed to think like an entrepreneur.

The Ideas

The students put such great thought into their business ideas and went into great detail with their pitch presentation. We loved their business ideas so much that we are excited to share them with you.

The Safe Haven Café: A café that will employ disadvantaged community members to help transition them into permanent employment and job stability.

Group Members: Daniel, Stephanie, Abby, Angelica and Alexavia.

The Ref’s Ball: A ball that will have the ability to referee ball sports games.

Group Members: Lachlan, Lucien, Maddie, Noah and Isaac.

The Superior Posterior: A seat that will make long car rides a lot more comfortable for your posterior.

Group Members: Sam, William, Lily and Keelan.

Supersuits: A safer way for safety serviceman and women to take part in dangerous rescue missions and events.

Team Members: Leo, Tom and Zuri.

The students had a fantastic time creating these ideas and were constantly thinking about ways to better their ideas and presentations just in time for the Fiftysix Creations Kidpreneur Pitch Night.

The Kidpreneur Pitch Night was a huge highlight not just for the students but everyone who attended to see what the industry professionals had to say about these exciting new business ideas. The panel of highly regarded individuals included: Steve Baxter (Investor and ‘Shark’ on Shark Tank), Jeff Horn (WBO World Welterweight Champion and Former School Teacher), Rebecca Peall (Educator and Teacher) and Miriam Rothera (Westpac Group, Regional General Manager).

Quote of the Night: “Your presentation was better than most presentations I’ve seen from adults.” – Steve Baxter

We would love to see your child at one of our Business Camp’s next school holidays. To register, please visit: