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Host a Workshop

Fiftysix Creations runs workshops for the children of employees during the school holidays. The workshops teach students about the wonders of computer science, creativity and entrepreneurship. The workshops can be as short as 45-minutes to three full days depending on your requirements. It's a great parent & child activity too! :)

Sponsor a workshop

Fiftysix Creations visits rural and disadvantaged communities around the world running pop up workshops teaching students about the jobs of the future. To date, we have visited communities in India, Nepal, East Africa and various indigenous communities around Australia. Watch one of our regional workshop tours here

Tailored & Flexible

Our Workshops can be easily tailored to best suit your organisations requirements and objectives. Please feel free to let us know if you have any special requests including larger groups and rotational activities. 

'Show not tell' approach

Our Workshops have a strong focus on boosting students confidence across multiple subject areas. We aim to trigger and nurture each students creative spark, along the way teaching the skills of the future.

Real World Outcomes

The real world outcomes and objectives of our Workshops are in line with the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum as well as the British Key Stage Rubric for Computer Science. Specific objectives can be found here

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