The World is Our Blank Canvas


The World is Our Blank Canvas

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Australia's Largest Entrepreneurship School Workshop Provider. We teach young people about the world of creativity and entrepreneurship! 

We offer in-school programs and school holiday programs, providing engaging, hands-on creativity and entrepreneurship workshops to help students engage with the skills of the future. Our workshops are tightly integrated with the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) Curriculum providing workshops on a wide selection of topics including business, entrepreneurship, soft skills and financial literacy.


The Opportunity Line

The Opportunity Line

Host a Fiftysix Workshop at your School!


Fiftysix Creations run creativity and entrepreneurship incursion workshops for over 100 Primary and Secondary Schools. We'd love to inspire your students in 2018!

Some of the schools we have run workshops with over the last 6 months:

  • Queensland: Benowa State School, St Hilda's School, Bray Park State High School and All Saints Anglican School.
  • Victoria: Shelford Girls Grammar, Whitefriars Catholic College for Boys, Carey Baptist Grammar College and Melbourne Girls College.
  • New South Wales: Waverley College, Ravenswood School for Girls, St Charles Catholic Primary School and Normanhurst Boys High School.

Purchase a Fiftysix Tablet Kit


Young people cannot simply play with and consume technology, but must learn to create and build it. Snap each piece together, just like building blocks. Lock each part in and power up. It’s like LEGO for the 21st Century.

2017 Fiftysix Classic Kit - Specifications (Shipping within 48 hours)



Fiftysix VR Kit (Cardboard)

Explore virtual reality using your smartphone. The Fiftysix VR Kit is an introductory cardboard kit designed to give kids an insight into the world of virtual reality. Smartphone not included.

Ages 8+


Fiftysix Workbook (Volume One)

A workbook on the the jobs of the future. Volume One of the Fiftysix Workbook Series explores the importance of entrepreneurial and enterprise thinking for success in the 21st century.

Ages 10 to 14