Is coding really a skill of the future?

By Taj Pabari on April 16, 2018

When we talk about teaching young people about digital literacy, the common classroom misconception is the fact that computer programming and coding is in the same bucket. It’s not.

Being able to code is a fantastic skill of today. In fact, it’s a very well paying and a very sought after skill of today but is coding really a skill of the future?

I don’t believe so.

The students studying in pre-school today will be graduating from high school in 2029. What will the workforce look like in 2029?

With the rise of our digital economy and advancements of electronics and technology, the need for computer programmers over the last ten years rose drastically. Computer programmers were very valuable and were considered ‘limited edition’. Supply and Demand. One of the most basic concepts of economics.

In today’s world though, every single student is being taught how to program. In Australia alone, our schools integrated computer programming into the classroom very quickly. We were quick off the blocks and awareness around coding was very strong.

If we’ve got a whole generation of coders, inevitably the price of hiring computer programmers will go down. There will be a vast selection to choose from, everywhere. They will no longer be ‘limited edition’.

If you LOVE computer programming and derive great satisfaction out of coding, go for it. Do something you love and you’ll be successful. On the other hand, if you’re doing it because it’s a skill you’ve been told to learn then maybe re-consider your options.

Food for thought…