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Role: Classroom Coach

Type: Casual Employment

Location: Brisbane, Sydney and Perth

Fiftysix Creations Classroom Coaches are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about entrepreneurship and providing unique educational opportunities to young people. 

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Our Family Values

  • Be WOW. We want to create WOW stories every single day. Our objective is to make anyone who interacts with us feel better about their day than they did before. When you take a phone call, we want our customers to feel better about their day now than they did before they spoke to us. The same goes for workshops or meetings. 
  • Everything is World Class. Our workshops should be world class. Our emails should be world class. Everything we touch should be to a superior quality than anything else. Our standards are higher than any organisation you have ever worked at previously. 
  • Do More with Less. We're a small organisation working towards a big goal. As you help us grow, we will support your growth. If you have our back, we will have yours. 
  • Take Initiative, Don't Wait. If you have an idea, make it happen. If something is not being done right, change it. Don't wait, just do it. 
  • Have Fun. We're a family. We want to have fun. Come to Family Bonding Days, help plan internal events, perhaps even come up with events we could do together. We're always listening.