Leadership & Entrepreneurship Programs
We run interactive workshop programs designed to turbo-charge our next generation of young change makers in Primary and Secondary School. Inspired by Teenage Founder, Taj Pabari, our workshops aim to demonstrate the myriad of ways young people can powerfully impact their own communities as we enter the ever changing workforce of the future. It’s a dynamic, inspiring workshop focusing on building real world skills — and loads of fun and games in between — your students will leave our workshop confident and ready to take on and change the world!

Incursion & After-School

We offer Incursion & After-School Workshops teaching student about creativity, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Teacher PD

Our Teacher PD Workshops focus on unleashing teacher led innovation, helping teaches inspire creativity in day-to-day classroom life.

Regional Australia

We specialise in regional education programs. Our vision is to educate all young people regardless of their postcode.

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Our Fiftysix Creations School Program

ACARA Curriculum Outcomes

Our Fiftysix Creations for Schools programs have been designed to achieve a range of desired learning outcomes. Our programs also emphasise the skills industry is demanding from the workforce of the future: team work. communication techniques. creativity. problem solving. financial literacy and adaptability. Our Full Curriculum Outcome Mapping documents can be provided upon request.

Working collaboratively to identify a problem to investigate. Seek solutions and put ideas into action by assessing and testing options to identify the most effective solution and to put ideas into actions.

Discussing investigation methods with others to share ideas about the quality of the inquiry process & Using the evidence provided by scientific investigations to evaluate claims based on evidence.

Present evidence-based conclusions using economics and business language and concepts in a range of appropriate formats, and reflect on the consequences of alternative actions.

Predict possibilities, and identify and test consequences when seeking solutions and putting ideas into action.

Transfer knowledge into contexts by justifying reasons for decisions when transferring information to similar and different contexts.

Outline the significance of past events, providing reasons for the event and referring to relevant evidence.

Generate a range of responses to an observed economic or business issue or event, and evaluate the potential costs and benefits of each and apply economics and business knowledge, skills and concepts in familiar and new situations.

Define and decompose real-world problems taking into account functional requirements and economic, environmental, social, technical and usability constraints.